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BION Breeding program Terms and Conditions of Delivery

Terms and Conditions of Delivery



      100% PREPAYMENT. 

      We have a minimum cost for an international order including CITES permits and packing charges.

      NOTE: We request a prepayment (30% of total cost) for species reservation before arranging CITES permits to make sure customer’s intentions are serious.

      Payment and deposits are non-refundable except the inability to fulfill orders on our part.

      Regular customers have advantages. We need 7-14 days to arrange CITES permits.

      References from our customers worldwide are available upon request in case of placing an order.




    • Due to Covid-19  and high volumes of packages  FedEx  has suspended ontime arrival guarantees thus all  live arrival insurance are voided . 

      BION Live Arrival Insurance covers within  USA  "Domestic" Shipment  live arrival guarantee at a  rate $5 per $100 of animal value  ( $250 - $12,5, $700 - $35, etc.) 

      and recommended for all orders over $100 otherwise  BION  won't  take the responsibility for safe delivery


      1. We cover the amount you insured your animal for up to 5, 000 USD .
      2. We will approve the claim if ONLY the animal arrives late.
      3. Correct address  and  phone number  are confirmed by the customer .
      4. You must contact us within 4 hours of receiving the animal and provide proof, with pictures that the animal is deceased.
      5. Our insurance policy does not cover DOAs if shipment is delayed by a FedEx National Service Disruption. (Rare but catastrophic disruption is usually caused by extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and blizzards, earthquakes .)

      We offer valuable (including rare ones) and popular reptile species directly from the U.S.A. via BION’s official representative in San Diego, CA.

      We collect multiple orders (for pet shops, retailers, collectors &breeders) to send all animals in one shipment  by official cargo from Kyiv, Ukraine to Los Angeles, U.S.A. with export CITES permits, veterinary certificates and all necessary official documentation.

      No minimum order! If you need just one lizard or a few pairs you are welcome! No additional cost! (Shipping via FedEx ($70-$90))

      ALL ORDERS WITH 100% prepayment and advanced reservation only.

      Payment and deposits are non-refundable except the inability to fulfill orders on our part.


      Kevin Rasmussen is BION United States Representative and is based in San Diego, CA. He has worked with BION for the past year and prides himself on providing quality customer service and building good relations with pet shops, reptile hobbyist and enthusiasts throughout the United States.

      For years, Kevin has worked with Furcifer pardalis (Panther chameleon) and has recently started working with Calumma parsonii (Parson’s chameleon). With chameleons being one of the more delicate species in the reptile world, and Kevin’s great success in breeding and keeping of chameleons, BION visited his facilities in Southern California and was completely impressed on the quality and care.

      As BION offers a wide variety and diverse selection of reptilia and arachnida, Kevin is continually learning about the different species and their tolerances to insure safe arrival to BION’s customers through parcel delivery.

      Monthly, BION arranges an animal export shipment from Kyiv, Ukraine inbound to The United States. Kevin, serving as BION’s representative supports the retrieval and quality care inspections of the animals before arranging final delivery to you, the customer.

      Limiting the amount of stress the animal endeavors throughout the export/import process is essential to a safe and live arrival. After the animals arrive in the United States, Kevin will initiate contact with each customer personally to confirm safe arrival and arrange final payment for the domestic shipping charges. He temporarily houses your animal(s) in a designated place in his facility offering hydration and feeders. BION has worked with Kevin to establish very specific care instructions for this temporary housing as all of BION’s animals are respected through responsible herpetoculture.

      Kevin will only ship your animal via Federal Express overnight delivery and prefers the animal to be delivered to the local Fed Ex hub, thus preventing the animals exposure to unpredictable conditions or transport interruptions on a delivery truck. You as the customer, however, have the option of having your animal(s) delivered to your residential address.

      As of January 2020, Kevin has arranged a “live arrival” insurance through a third party that costs $3 per $100 of insurance (i.e. $500 of insurance is $15). All customers are strongly advised to purchase this insurance. While we never anticipate animals arriving dead, this insurance protects your purchase.

      Kevin is committed to providing quality customer service and will go the extra mile to make sure the customers experience is greatly enjoyable. You are welcome to call or email him directly with special requests or questions using the contact information below.


      Kevin Rasmussen,

      BION United States Representative


      (619) 300-5511 (accepting text messages / voice calls)


    • We offer valuable (including rare ones) and popular reptile species via our partner and broker Mr. Sander Bouwman, Dutch Dragon Import, Netherlands:

      +31 6 246 14 913

      All shipping costs (CITES permit, transport box, airfreight charges) from Kyiv, Ukraine to Amsterdam, Netherlands are already included in the price.

      You can pick up your order directly in fair Hamm, Houten, etc (FREE DELIVERY) or to get it with Next Day Courier Delivery service (for France, Germany, Austria, and other countries by request) - delivery cost 85-115 EUR. Payment and deposits are non-refundable except the inability to fulfill orders on our part.

      All CITES animals are covered by import CITES permits approved by CITES Authority of the Netherlands!

      Please follow our advertizing on our STOCK LIST.

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      Please ask details by e-mail: import-export@bion.com.ua 





All international shipments are sent by air.

Our carriers are Turkish Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa, SWISS, Ukraine International Airlines, etc.

We offer a reliable and convenient route as well as affordable airfreight charges.

Shipping costs & additional fees are the customers’ responsibility.

All orders from new customers must be paid in full prior to shipment.

We require a 30% deposit to keep animals while CITES paperwork and other exportation documents are processed. We reserve your animals in our facilities no more than 45 days upon receiving the deposit and after that we will place them for sale again. The final payment should be made upon our request directly before shipping. Payment and deposits are non-refundable except the inability to fulfill orders on our part.

Payment methods: wires transfers.

Payment and deposits are non-refundable except the inability to fulfill orders on our part.

Please contact us at import-export@bion.com.ua for details.

Please fill out an application form of payment carefully. All charges of money/bank transfer are on behalf of senders.

All shipments are accompanied with proper paperwork and comply with IATA regulations pertinent to the transportation of live animals.

Export documents include: CITES permit (if necessary), standard international veterinary certificate, salmonella test (upon request), and packing list. Arranging export CITES permit takes about 10-20 days. If you have special paperwork requirements in your country – please take care of it in advance.

All animals are guaranteed to be healthy, well-fed and sexed (if agreed).

Before being shipped, all wild-caught species undergo mandatory quarantine. We have skilled staff in our laboratory and provide qualified care for our animals. We use special packing, including for the winter season. We expect you to provide the same proper care on your part upon arrival to avoid any problems.

All claims are acceptable within 48 hours upon arrival.

Alive arrivals are guaranteed, except for the shipments that are delayed or mishandled by a carrier. In case of any problem or DOA (confirmed by a color picture sent by e-mail), please do not hesitate to contact us by phone +38044-486-47-81 or e-mail import-export@bion.com.ua immediately. We provide credit or replacement of animals at the next shipment. References concerning our service and reputation could be provided in case of placing an order.