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BION Terrarium Center: captive-bred exotic reptiles for sale, research and breeding projects

BION Terrarium Center is а reptile operation located in Kyiv, Ukraine. We have been dealing with import, export, and breeding since 1993. For today, BION is a unique source of rare and popular species of chameleons, geckos, agamas, skinks, and other reptile’s species. Most of them are captive-bred. We have a quarantine station, breeding center, marketing and research departments. For some species we are working with breeders.

 In our zoo called EKZOLAND we carry out work on environmental education dedicated to reptiles  both with children and adults.

Visit our BION BREEDING CENTER to ascertain we keep each and every animal in perfect conditions.

We ship worldwide all year round. To provide the best customer service, we have BION’s official representatives in the USA, JAPAN, UK and EU countries. 

Be sure, we observe IATA, CITES, and Veterinary regulations.
We serve zoos, pet shops and private hobbyists in 51 countries by now.

Our regular customers are:

  • Dealers looking for chameleons (veiled chameleons), assorted geckos, skinks, and other reptiles wholesale, etc ;
  • Pet shops looking for nice assortment to be shipped in one order;
  • Experienced hobbyists or breeders looking for special spiny-tailed lizards (Uromastyx spp.), leaf-tailed geckos (Uroplatus spp.), popular and rare blue-tongued skinks (Tiliqua spp.), salfin dragons (Hydrosaurus pustulatus) etc;
  • Zoos looking for attractive display reptiles such as Parson’s chameleons, Phillipine Sailfin dragons, Rhino iguanas, or Aldabra tortoises, Black water monitors, etc.

Just contact BION Terrarium Center if you found yourself in the list above and rest assured you will get quality captive-bred reptiles at proper prices.

Please check out our stock list as well as keeping  information from BION Terrarium Center.

We always stay in touch with our customers.

We are always ready to cooperate with reptile breeders and suppliers. Zoos and Breeding centers are very welcome!  Please, contact us if you are one of them.

We also look forward to buying captive-bred tortoises and lizards in quantity. Please check out our wish list.

All BION’s regular customers are entitled to special prices and discounts (depending on quantity) as well as privileged shipping cost.



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