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BION RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE (RH) PROJECT from BION Team is released on March 30, 2022!

RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE (RH) PROJECT from BION team in cooperation with Philippe de Vojoli  - is a basically new system for uniting professionals and amateurs, who keep and breed amphibians and reptiles for:

- creation and management of populations of amphibians and reptiles outside the bounds of their natural habitats in the context of the global destruction of natural ecosystems with the aim of forming a reserve bank of genes in the form of live, breeding animals which are genetically, morphologically, physiologically and behaviorally to the maximum extent possible identical to individuals from specific natural populations with the prospect of their subsequent populations  reintroduction;

- Advocating herpetoculture as an integral part of zooculture and effective mechanism to combat poaching and smuggling: captive-bred, healthy adopted animals are always better to meet the needs of world’s pet market than wild-caught animals;

- Protecting herpetoculture from unsound regulatory and legislative policies. Presentation to the media the positive accomplishments of herpetoculture;

- Creating opportunities for experienced (reputable) breeders to obtain, breed and legally move rare and valuable species within the framework of a controlled program;

- Promoting herpetoculture as an important part of ecological education worldwide, RH contribution to the conservation of species in nature;

- Collecting, exchanging and analyzing information that is important for breeding and getting healthy multiple generations of amphibians and reptiles;