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BION Introduction (not Preward!)


The herpetoculture community is formulating new principles and approaches to organizing the livelihood of reserve, ex situ populations as part of a strategy for creating global metapopulations of rare and endangered species of amphibians and reptiles.

We hope that a new look at the issues of animals’ keeping and breeding will make it possible to re-evaluate the possibilities and role of herpetoculture in preserving the biological diversity of our planet.

It is quite obvious that the mobilization of experience and knowledge accumulated by mankind, the unification of efforts of all concerned people, the transformation of the consciousness of society as a whole, are the only possible condition for environmental safety.

That is why we also relate all these issues to the activity of RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE.

We draw the attention of colleagues who relate themselves to herpetoculture.

The realities of today present us with new challenges and the inability to act more decisively and effectively can hinder our business and moral reputation, which determines the possibility of the existence and prosperity of herpetoculture.


We urge everyone to rally and support the project RESPONSIBLE HERPETCULTURE - 21st century project!