We offer rare and popular cb reptile species via our partner in the UK - Mr. Lee Warren:



The procedure of placing order is as follows:

1) You contact BION for the available stock-list and send your requests concerning any species, quantity and photos direct to import-export@bion.com.ua (+380 50 544 8312  WhatsApp);

2) You contact Mr. Lee Warren direct for actual price-list and final prices (including freight charges and all other related costs) for the species you are interested in to cbemeralds@hotmail.com (+4407916132707 WhatsApp).

BION Terrarium Center is responsible only for the available stock of animals, their actual photos and reservations; we are not providing information regarding costs. Please note that we are responsible only for shipping from Ukraine to Mr. Lee Warren.

We guarantee that all animals will be shipped in good condition, professional packaging after being inspected by a professional veterinarian before departure.

In case of any problems upon the arrival of our animals to the United Kingdom, we will receive a written notification, confirmed by the relevant documents within 24 hours from the date of dispatch. In this case, we are responsible to the customers.

Payments and deposits are non-refundable except the inability to fulfill orders from BION part. Please note that we are taking the responsibility for shipping from BION, Ukraine to Mr. Lee Warren, UK only!

We are not responsible for:

-- shipping from Mr. Lee Warren to your delivery address via courier service;

-- conditions of keeping your animals in Mr. Lee Warren’s facilities;

-- other situations outside our responsibility.

All CITES animals are covered by import CITES permits approved by DEFRA.

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Please ask for details by e-mail: import-export@bion.com.ua