In 2010 we opened  BION BREEDING CENTER. For many years we have been quite active in collecting and establishing parent stock of the rare and valuable reptile species for breeding purposes. By now we have collected a unique breeding stock of rare reptile species originated from Australia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Panama, the Philippines, Somalia and other countries. All breeding stock has a proper paperwork. We are in touch with reputable breeders and experts all over the world. Most animals are presented in pairs/couples or breeding groups, some species are being reproduced in many generations. Three tortoises species, 11 leaf-tailed gecko species, 8 terrestrial gecko species, 15 Agamidae and 7 Iguanidae, 5 monitor and 5 skinks species, 10 chameleons species and morphs from proper localities represent the basis for reserve populations with unique ecological value.