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BION Breeding Center quality captive-bred reptiles for sale and wholesale

BION Breeding Center: doing our best to ensure healthy reptile’s surplus

Our mission is to develop trend on captive-bred reptiles instead of buying taken from  wild nature.
Here at BION Breeding Center, we apply our knowledge and skills with all our passion for these wonderful animals.

BION team

Our reptile breeding center is a friendly and professional team. Today, we have 30 staff members engaged in the care and breeding of reptiles. Part of them has degrees in biology and everyone is highly experienced and full of enthusiasm and great love for animals. 3 people are involved in research and 3 – in marketing and sales, 2 persons working in logistic and 3 in administration.

BION facilities

Currently we utilize 20 laboratories, a greenhouse for large species, quarantine area, and live feed laboratories to ensure a healthy diet for our animals. The total area of our facilities exceeds 2000 m2. This enables us to keep simultaneously about 70 reptile species in quantities. Thus, we can comply with the requests for popular and rare reptiles’ species

To produce healthy individuals optimal conditions have been created for reptile husbandry and reproduction:

  • facilities and cages suited for individual species needs;
    • poper temperature, lighting, humidity;
    • clean and healthy enclosures;
  • balanced nutrition.

Therefore, taking reptiles from BION, you can be sure you get healthy reptiles.

You are always welcome to visit our center to make sure all reptiles are kept in adequate conditions and/or to get more knowledge about their management.

BION speciality

The following groups of reptiles are being kept & bred at the BION Breeding Center for today:

We are always happy to answer any question and provide full information about any reptile species we breed and trade.

In fact, we make money through sale of reptiles.

But it is also true to fact that we invest our profit in RESPONSIBLE HEPETOCULTURE PROJECT –  (pls click here for more info!).