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BION Breeding Center quality captive-bred reptiles for sale and wholesale

BION Breeding Center: do our best to ensure healthy reptile wholesale supplies

Our mission is to provide quality captive-bred reptiles for sale and wholesale.
Here at BION Breeding Center, we apply our knowledge and work with all our passion for these wonderful animals.

BION team

Our reptile breeding center is a team of professionals. Today, we have 25 staff members engaged in the care and breeding of reptiles. Part of them has degrees in biology and everyone is highly experienced and full of enthusiasm and great love for animals.

BION facilities

At the moment, we utilize 20 laboratories, a greenhouse for large species, quarantine area, and live food laboratories to ensure a healthy diet for our animals. The total area of our facilities is more than 2,000 sqm. This enables us to keep simultaneously about 100 reptile species in quantities. Thus, we are able to cover your request for wholesale reptile supplies.

We abide by all rules and regulations concerning reptile shipping and export.

To produce healthy individuals, we try to create optimal conditions for reptile husbandry and reproduction:

• right temperature, lighting, humidity,
• clean and healthy enclosure,
• balanced nutrition.

Therefore, buying reptiles from our stock list, you can be sure you get healthy reptiles.

You can always visit our center to make sure all reptiles are kept in optimal conditions.

BION assortment

At BION Breeding Center, we breed the following groups of reptiles and ready to wholesale them at friendly prices:

Please, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the details and place an order.

We are always happy to answer all your questions and provide you full information about any reptile we breed and trade.