Mike Barrera

I am a US-based reptile distributor and broker that works regularly with BION Terrarium Center.  BION consistently and reliably sends me reptiles from Ukraine, always exactly what customers order, which I then send on to local American retailers.

Bion’s many years of experience in breeding reptiles is evident, and they are always willing to share this experience with clients and colleagues.
Bion works mainly with lizards, including various types of geckos, chameleons, skinks. In addition, their assortment includes interesting and rare Agamidae, Iguanidae and Varanidae.

Because of BION, American buyers have access to a variety of popular, and rare species, mostly bred in captivity, correctly sexed and in excellent condition.
I have also pleased to find a large selection of tarantulas (all c.b. and good size), always in stock. I can recommend BION to both professionals and hobbyists of herpetoculture.