Mike Biernacki

I have been dealing with Bion for 28 years and I am proud of the relationship we have. Thanks to Bion animals, I successfully managed to break into Canadian reptile market decades ago and since, I become a leading supplier in that country.

 I can wholeheartedly recommend Bion as a trustworthy supplier. Initially they started as resellers of reptiles originating from Soviet Republics and quickly they have broadened their assortment including animals from other parts of the world.

Reptile markets changed and Bion changed with them. There were less of field collected animals and more of captive bred ones. Today, predominantly captive propagated animals are offered.

I place several orders from Bion every year and I am very satisfied with what I get and how I get it. Animals arriving in shipment truly represent what has been made in the offer as to species, sex, size and quality. You get what you have ordered.

Shipping live reptiles is difficult, I of all people know it very well distributing reptiles 365 a year in the country with extreme temperature fluctuations, so I can appreciate fact that all my shipments are packed very well with custom build insulated crates.

Packing is impeccable, so shipping record of animals from Bion is best amongst all of my suppliers.

Finally, conflict resolution is handled professionally and fairly. This happens very rarely but when it does we were always treated fairly.

Few years ago I visited Bion facility. I was very impressed with size of their operation, expertise of their staff and quality of everything in the center starting from their breeding section through medical offices, engineering department and customer service area.

Bion not only resells reptiles but they breed many species that they sell. This makes them standing out of the crowd of many other suppliers. They are successful in business not only because they are well managed, but because they are reptile people too. They get it and it shows in quality of their service and product.

I am happy to put down on paper this review for everyone to see. If you want to talk to me, my contact numbers and email is here for you to use.

If you have dealt with them, you may be writing review on your own, if you haven’t, give them a try and see what you have been missing.

Best regards