Since February 24 the life of BION Terrarium Center has dramatically changed.

As the result of Russian aggression against Ukraine, started on February 24, 2022, BION  lost for indefinite period of time all opportunities for business  activity (the main part of it being export of  captive-bred reptiles).

In addition to a potential military threat, our main risk today is the lack of reserve funds in order to live through the economic blockade. During 2020, due to coronavirus pandemic we had no opportunity to earn money. This period has depleted our reserves. Our income comes from the export of captive-bred reptiles. In 2021, we began to recover and resumed the work we had been doing since 1993. Now, due to the war, airlines stopped flying to/from Ukraine.

At the beginning of Juneб 2022 we evacuated from shelling zone near Kharkov and accept here in BION our friends and partners with 1 dog + 1000 lizards.


Today we have about 3000 reptiles in our care, from geckos to rhinoceros iguanas, plus our EKZOLAND Zoo with lemurs, other primates and small mammals, which had to be moved outside the city. This is a huge farm that needs to be fed, maintained,  treated and observed.

During BION’s existence and operation since 1993 we contributed to herpetoculture by sharing our experience, developing new approaches, conducting scientific research and establishing new species. Most of this work was made as our passion and strong intention to develop the so-called ex situ conservation through responsible keeping and breeding of reptiles and amphibians in artificial conditions. Without BION efforts some species would not be around for today. Examples of our work can be easily found on our Facebook page, Facebook group, YouTube, Instagram channels, etc.

In a middle of war zone, on March 31, 2022 we officially launched an online platform namely Responsible Herpetoculture Project (RHP) https://responsibleherpetoculture.com.ua/ 

We are deeply grateful for your support     https://bion.com.ua/bion-supporters/