In 2017 BION’s team initiated RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE project as a new solution to global reptile conservation. We started from the Parson’s chameleon (conservation in nature and by maintaining a gene bank in a form of groups of breeding animals at captivity). This event was officially presented by DMITRI TKACHEV, BION’s Director and Owner, at the 1st International Conference ”Herpeton 2019” (June, 2019, San Diego, USA). The project is managed together with Sergei Prokopiev, well known chameleon’s breeder and BION regular partner. We keep regular line with reptiles’ breeders and experts involved in RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE with BION all over the world. Many supporters and followers help us make this project beneficial. For more information about RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE, please click here. As part of this project BION’s international team made a trip to Madagascar in November 2019.