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Dear Friends,

The number of subscribers to BION’s FB has already exceeded 10,100 and is increasing quite dynamically owing to your support!

Keeping this in mind we create RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE group (RH)

with BION FB group to develop our RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE project which was officially presented on international conference HERPETON 2019 (San Diego, CA) and was positively welcomed by many world famous herpetoculturists.

The goal of this project to protect endangered and rare species from extinction in nature by creating artificial populations in captivity involving responsible breeders from private sector.  

Another important task – to unite herpetocullturists all over the world and advocate their rights to sell and trade the surplus obtained from legal foundstock. Only together we can protect our hobby and passion  from the rising threat of extreme radical animal rights organizations and the incompetence and excesses of wildlife regulatory agencies.

We also want to develop closer cooperation between private sector and zoos for mutual benefit. We shall welcome joint programs between private sector and zoos as well as between herpetologists and herpetoculturists!

In this regard, we would like to invite you to send us information (photos, videos, texts) about your home collection, nursery, farm, zoo; news about breeding interesting species; configuration of your cages and facilities. The format of presenting information is optional – the video should not exceed 15 minutes with the right of our editing. Try to present your information in a simple and interesting way.

Specifically, we welcome information about captive-bred species only.

In the link below you will find the questions and regulations for membership:


RH with BION FB group will act as an information platform for our friends, partners and associates.

Your information will always be accompanied by the heading “RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE” with your name or company name, i.e. it will be quite personal and recognizable!

We strongly believe that your unique experience, success and ideas will inspire our followers all over the world.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Due to Covid-2019 situation people have much more time to seek and check the information they are concerned in and we’ll do our best to perform it in most effective way.

Additional information about the RH project is available at (https://bion.com.ua/events/, https://bion.com.ua/basic-principles/)

Here you can check Philippe de Vosjoli’s personal summary https://bion.com.ua/responsible-herpetoculture-with-bion-personal-summary-from-philippe-de-vosjoli/)