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Place your orders for HOUTEN June

Houten (June 3, 2018) & Hamm (June 9, 2018)

5.5 Furcifer pardalis, “W” Tamatave. Please ask individual pictures!
15.11 Veiled chameleon Chamaeleo calyptratus PIEBALD, c.b. TL: 16-38 сm. EXTRA PIEBALD (a lot of WHITE SPOTS). Please ask individual pictures.
0.0.6 Calumma parsonii, c.b 2018, 12- cm incl. tail orange eyes.
1.1 Giant leaf-tailed gecko Uroplatus giganteus, c.b. 2017.
4.0 Southern Flat-tailed Gecko Uroplatus sikorae MDA, c.b. 2016, males only.
2.2 Uroplatus alluaudi, c.b. 2017.

1.1 Satanic Leaf-tailed Gecko Uroplatus phantasticus, c.b. 2016. Please ask individual pictures.
2.2 Corkbark Leaf Tail Gecko Uroplatus pietschmanni, c.b. 2016
2.2 Eastern bearded dragon Pogona barbata, c.b. 2014.
0.0.10 Australian Water Dragon Intellagama lesueurii, well started juveniles.
0.0.15 Frilled dragon Chlamydosaurus kingii, babies 2018.
0.0.5 Tiliqua scincoides intermedia, c.b. April 2018.
2.0 Galliwasp Diploglossus monotropis.