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BION Events Offer for United Kingdom!!!!!

Offer for United Kingdom!!!!!

Dear UK` Friends,

BION Terrarium Center is a large breeding and export operation located in Kiev, Ukraine. We have been shipping reptiles worldwide since 1993.

Currently we breed around 70 species and have bred 200 species all together during last 27 years.

You can check our stock and price list on https://bion.com.ua/stock-list/

There you can find many popular and rare species. 90% are captive-bred animals; their condition is excellent and prices competitive. In many cases, we can select animals with proper sex ratio or offer animals from unrelated lines. You can select any species from our list; two or 100 specimens, does not matter. We can work with dealers, pet shops and hobbyists serving any level with proper price policy to avoid competition.

Actually coronavirus-induced situation changed dramatically freight charges for shipments of live animals with all airlines and destinations.

That is why we want to offer you smart option – to share delivery charges between all UK customers and receive our animals to United Kingdom from Ukraine direct.

Having assorted order, we can ship it to London or any other possible airport depends on available destinations as one shipment to importer who could work with DEFRA, negotiates local delivery, and costs with all consumers.

The payment for animals should be sent direct to BION Terrarium Center.

We are keen with all export-related procedures and can arrange CITES permits (if needed) within two weeks or so.  We also sent many shipments direct to UK in a past. No problem to meet any DEFRA’s requests when necessary.

Other option. We are ready to deliver animals for UK customers as one assorted order within Sander Bouwman (Dutch Dragon Import) Amsterdam, the Netherlands with subsequent courier service.

You should also pay to Sander Bouwman (DDI) 10% of animal’s cost for his service and cost of delivery from Amsterdam to UK. The delivery from Ukraine to the Netherlands should be paid by BION.

The payment for animals should be sent direct to BION Terrarium Center.

Actually, we are working with Sander Bouwman (DDI) as a broker for 5 years and quite happy with our cooperation. As the matter of fact, Sander just build the brand new and large reptile’s quarantine for his clients. You can also check the reference from Sander Bouwman on https://bion.com.ua/references/page/3/.

Pls don’t hesitate to contact us by Whats App +380674665164 or e-mail 

import-export@bion.com.ua to discuss any questions.

We like our animals and respect our customers. Professional support for clients concerning animal’s husbandry is always available.

Pls check more info about us on www.bion.com.ua

May we invite you for cooperate for the mutual benefit!