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BION Events Offer for Canada!!!!!

Offer for Canada!!!!!

Dear Canadian Friends,

BION Terrarium Center is a large breeding and export operation located in Kiev, Ukraine. We have been shipping reptiles worldwide since 1993.

Currently we breed around 70 species; you can check our stock and price list on https://bion.com.ua/stock-list/

There you can find a lot of popular and rare species. 90% are captive-bred animals; their condition is excellent. In many cases we can select animals with proper sex ratio or offer animals from unrelated lines.

Actually coronavirus-induced situation changed dramatically freight charges for shipments of live animals with all airlines and destinations.

Under the circumstance, therefore, our customers in Europe and Japan start sharing freight charges.

That is why we want to offer you smart option – to share freight charges between all customers and receive our animals without restrictions.

You can select any species from our list; two or 100 specimens, doesn’t matter. We can work with dealers, pet shops and hobbyists serving any level with proper price policy to avoid competition.

Having assorted order we can ship it to Toronto as one shipment for importer who negotiates local delivery and costs with all consumers.

The payment for animals should be sent direct to BION Terrarium Center.

In this way we have been working with the US clients for 5 years making 6 to 8 assorted shipments per year. In case of interest from Canada we’ll find proper person among our customers there to deliver our animals to you. All proposals are welcome. We just need simple solution to make shipping expenses reasonable.

Actually we had been shipping animals to Canada for decades; you can check the reference from Mike Biernacki, Massasauga Imports on https://bion.com.ua/references/page/5/

Also you may contact Mike direct . We are keen with all export-related procedures and can arrange CITES permits (if needed) within two weeks or so. Canada doesn’t need to apply for import permits for animals listed in CITES, Appendix 2 (Uroplatus, Chamaeleons, Uromastyx and many others).

We like our animals and respect our customers. Professional support for clients concerning animal’s husbandry is also available.

Pls check more info about us on  www.bion.com.ua

May we invite you for cooperate for the mutual benefit!