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BION Events MARCH 2020. During coronavirus-induced quarantine

MARCH 2020. During coronavirus-induced quarantine

Despite coronavirus-induced quarantine in Ukraine, BION’s team is making necessary preparations for breeding season and for new facilities for breeding stock.

In fact, we have no choice; BION is large breeding operation with unique reptile's collections (around 60 species, most of which are rare animals) - all in the breeding groups or at least pairs. We cannot afford loosing time!

Currently many of our Leaf-tailed geckos are gravid: Giant leaf-tailed geckos (Uroplatus giganteus), Henkel’s leaf-tailed geckos (U. Henkeli), Cork-bark leaf-tailed geckos (U. pietschmanni), - or already started egg laying process: satanic leaf-tailed geckos (U. phantasticus) and Lined leaf-tailed geckos (U. lineatus). As of today we have 11 leaf-tailed geckos in our collection, some with long breeding history. Our intention is to make strong reserve populations for some species . We got first clutches from Phelsuma madagascariensis (high red).

We already got multiple clutches from 3 leopard geckos’ species - Eublepharis fuscus, E. angramainyu and E. hardwickii. Our Nephrurus amyae are also gravid.

We noted the copulation in two pairs of Ouroborus catapractus. Our breeding  group is quite big, including 7 males and 12 females.

Two from our 5 spiny-tailed lizards’ species - Uromastyx dispar flavifasciata and U. philbyi produced fertile clutches. First time we got a clutch from Xenagama batilifera; another one is coming.

The "nursery" is ready to house babies of panther chamaeleons (Furcifer pardalis); some females already made first clutches and many of them are evidently gravid. We expect to have a lot of eggs from Ankaramy, Ambanja, Nosy Be and Ambilobe localities.

This is an important part of our RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE PROJECT.

A new room for large skinks shall become fully operational in 2 weeks.

Currently we have 7 Tiliqua species and subspecies with more color morphs.

New spacious outdoor facilities for Parson’s chamaeleons shall be completed in April. This will enable us to have the breeding stock exposed to ultraviolet and ambient air from May through September.

In addition, we plan to arrange large outdoor facilities for tortoises in a countryside.

The show room for customers in Ukraine shall be completed in June.

The nursery for large lizard's species (Cyclura cornuta, Varanus comaini, Hydrosaurus pustulatus and many more) is planned to be completed in July.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST - currently we are working on online RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE PROJECT for all our friends and followers. We'll keep you informed!