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BION Events Chameleon GIVE AWAY on Facebook page

Chameleon GIVE AWAY on Facebook page

Chameleon GIVE AWAY🎁
Great chameleon species for easy keeping and breeding. 
We are doing a free chameleon give away and will randomly select one winner. The winner will receive one Chameleo calyptratus extra PIEBALD male 15 cm (on the photo) and can pick him up on HAMM March 9, 2019. In order to participate you have to:

1) Like and follow BION Terrarium Center page.
2) Like this post. 
3) Share this post to your Facebook profile. 
4) Tag your friend who also wants to win in the comment section below! 
(like put symbol @ and and start writing the name until the right person is selected)

Please make sure that you fulfill all the conditions and your profile is open to all users!!! 
The winner will be announced at 15:00 pm EET Tuesday 5/03 via random.org 
Participants from all countries are welcome. Meanwhile you should be able to pick up the prize at the Hamm fair!!! 
Thank you for participating.