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BION Events BION Terrarium Center participated in AquaTerra Show

BION Terrarium Center participated in AquaTerra Show

BION Terrarium Center participated in AquaTerra Show – Ukrainian Exhibition of Terrariumistics and Aquariumistics (31st August – 2nd September 2018). Presented at the Show was a great number and assortment of various animals (24 species). Throughout all three days BION's exposition was very popular both among representatives of pet shops and individual visitors. During day 1 the representatives of BION Terrarium Center made the following presentations: Dmitry Tkachev – “Trends of the world reptiles market in 2018-2020”, Oleksii Marushchak – “Promotion of reptiles’ sales in social networks” and Ivan Neizhko – “Keeping and breeding the lizards of desert biotopes in captivity”.
BION Terrarium Center is a world known company majoring in reptile breeding and import/export since 1993. This year we restart our operation at the Ukrainian market under the trade mark “Live Exotic”! Our policy is a responsible reptile keeping and breeding. We offer an attractive assortment of spiders, amphibians and reptiles with all related legal paperwork. We shall be pleased to offer our animals to both pet shops and individuals. We shall provide information-related support for our customers (e.g. online keeping guidelines) .

Also we are interested in cooperation with professional breeders of reptiles and amphibians in Ukraine.

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