Reptile import-export and breeding since 1993


About us

Looking for reputable reptile breeders and suppliers? Look no further than BION Terrarium Center, which offers a wide range of exotic reptiles for sale. Here you can buy a veiled chameleon, your favorite tortoise, or any other reptiles by the piece or in quantity. That is to say, we are happy to work with the following customers:
• retailers (individuals),
• pet shops,
• wholesalers.
We have successful experience in shipping to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the U.S., Mexico, Canada, and many EU countries.
Devoting all our time and efforts to breeding and conservation of rare reptile species, we guarantee quality captive-bred reptiles. Striving to protect the herpetofauna population, we do care for the future destiny of these wonderful creatures. Therefore, we provide each chameleon, spiny-tailed lizard, or leaf-tailed gecko we place for sale with a detailed care sheet. Please, read it carefully and follow it whether you buy reptiles to cherish them as your pets or for your own breeding project.
Please check out our full STOCK LIST of exotic reptiles and animals. 

Our history

Since 1993, BION Terrarium Center has been engaged in the import/export and breeding of exotic invertebrate, amphibian, and reptile species. For the last 15 years, our main goal is establishing c.b parentstock of the rare and valuable reptile species for breeding purposes. A BION's policy is the promotion of responsible reptile keeping and breeding. Every year we increase the number of c.b. species at our stock. We support reptile conservation projects as well.



In 2001, we launched the building for the breeding & quarantine purposes + administrative office as well.


In 2010, we opened  BION Breeding Center. Nowadays it has collected a unique breeding stock of rare lizards species originated from Australia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Madagascar, Mexico, Panama, the Philippines, Somalia, and other countries. As a matter of fact, we are happy with our results and expect further development in the future.


BION’s founders created the Reptile and small exotic animal Zoo, namely “EKZOLAND”. This zoo provides educational programs for kids and adults, tours, and special events.


In 2017, we started cooperation with RESPONSIBLE ZOOCULTURE Сеnter to  organize seminars, training courses, and other events related to husbandry, propagation, and modern trends in animal exposures. 


In 2019, the BION team started the RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULURE project as a new solution to global reptile conservation. This event was presented by Dmitri Tkachev, BION’s director and founder at the 1st International Conference ”Herpeton 2019”(San Diego, USA) on June, 2019. The project is created together with Sergei Prokopiev, a BION regular partner. We strongly hope to have many supporters and followers soon. For more information about RESPONSIBLE HERPETOCULTURE, please click here. In November 2019, BION’s International team took a trip to Madagascar as part of this project. Also, we upgraded old areas and developed  new ones for keeping and breeding reptiles. The intensive work was done on BION staff training and professional development.