OUR STOCK in ANTWERPEN, 24.09.2017

0.0.2 Parson's chameleon Calumma parsonii Yellow Giant, c.b. 2016, unsexed


2.2 Northern Flat-tail Gecko Uroplatus alluaudi, c.b. 2016


2.3 Southern Flat-tailed  Gecko Uroplatus sameiti, c.b. 2017


3.3 Giant Leaf-Tailed Gecko Uroplatus giganteus, c.b. 2016


0.0.6 Ornate spiny-tailed lizard Uromastyx ornata, c.b. 2017


0.0.4 Philby's spiny-tailed lizard Uromastyx ornata philby, c.b. 2017


0.0.1 Eastern bearded dragon Pogona barbata, c.b. 2017




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All animals are covered by import CITES permits approved by CITES Authority of The Netherlands!