For HAMM December 9, 2017 

Please ask more details about prices and individual pictures by e-mail

Up to 20 Veiled chameleon Chamaeleo calyptratus PIEBALD, c.b. TL 10-12 cm. POSSIBLE PAIRS. EXTRA PIEBALD  (a lot of WHITE SPOTS)


16.0 Panther chameleon Furcifer pardalis, Nose Be, Tamatave, Masoala, Ankarami, Ambanja full color males. Please ask individual pictures!


0.0.4 PARSON’s CHAMELEON Calumma parsonii cristifer, TL 18-20 cm, c.b. 2016 


2.4 PARSON’s CHAMELEON Calumma parsonii ORANGE EYES, TL 25-30 cml, c.b. 2015


0.0.4 PARSON’s CHAMELEON Calumma parsonii ORANGE EYES TL 18-20 cm , c.b. 2016


0.0.6 PARSON’s CHAMELEON Calumma parsonii Yellow Giant, 20-22 cm incl tail, c.b. 2016, 1 year old!


2.2 Northern Flat-tail Gecko Uroplatus alluaudi, c.b. 2016



4.0 Spearpoint leaf-tail gecko Uroplatus ebenaui, c.b 2016


5.5 Iranian fat-tailed gecko Eublepharis angramainyu (Ilam province), c.b. 2017 
0.2 Iranian fat-tailed gecko Eublepharis angramainyu (Ilam province), c.b. 2016


5.5 Eastern Indian Leopard Gecko Eublepharis hardwickii, c.b. 2017


0.0.6 Baja Rock Lizard Petrosaurus thallasinus (deep blue color morph) c.b. 2017


0.0.6 Ornate Spiny-tailed Lizard Uromastyx ornata, c.b.2017 from Green bloodline


0.0.6 Arabian Blue Spiny-tailed Lizard Uromastyx ornata philbyi, c.b.2017


0.0.3 Indonesian blue-tongued skink Tiliqua gigas, c.b. 2017


2.0 Diploglossus monotropis


Up to 100 Mexican Red Knee Tarantula Brachypelma smithi, c.b. L 10-11, body 5-5.5 cm






*CONSIGNEE in EUROPE: Dutch Dragon Import, The Netherlands

We send all our animals to Europe via our partner & broker – Mr. Sander Bowman, Dutch Dragon Import, The Netherlands. We send at least 4 shipments per year (for Hamm fair), plus Houten and also can send between fairs if have significant order. All shipping cost (CITES permit, transport box, airfreight charges) from Ukraine to Amsterdam are already included in price. You can pick up your order direct in fair (FREE DELIVERY) or to get it with Next Day Courier Delivery service (for France, Germany, UK, Austria, and other countries by request) - delivery cost eur 85-115. All CITES animals are covered by import CITES permits approved by CITES Authority of the Netherlands! You need just select and reserve animals from our offer. We ask 100% prepayment in advance.