BION's advantages


BION’s policy is to promote terrariumistics (herpetoculture) as a responsible hobby & business.

We are importing & exporting exotic animals worldwide since 1993.

We have 40 people on professional staff, including office, logistics, technical assistance, zookeepers and other personal working for BION quarantine, BION breeding station & EKZOLAND Zoo.

We have proper facility under roof (900 sq.m.) for keeping & breeding animals, quarantine block, and a laboratory for breeding insects for feed.

We offer popular and rare tarantulas, amphibians and reptiles species, including good assortment of captive bred species, all year around.

Every year we add the new species and working with new breeding projects.

We do all paperwork according to the legislation of customer’s country, make professional packing (including winter one), and offer competitive airfreight charges.

We offer special conditions and privileges for regular customers.

We always offer  competitive airfreight charges.

We offer help for beginners and inexperienced customers and welcome any exchange of experiences between our partners.

We provide references from well-known dealers worldwide for new clients.

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We guarantee proper condition of our animals, but always accept reasonable claims.

We like our job and our animals!

We always happy to be in touch with our customers.

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We invite ALL OUR CLIENTS to visit BION Terrarium Center, Kiev, Ukraine.

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phoca thumb l img 0520   Eublepharis hardwickii                 Eublepharis angramainyu            Eublepharis angramainyu

  Uroplatus  giganteus                     Uroplatus pietschmanni               Uroplatus phantasticus

U. finiavana white male 1 IMG 3674  Uroplatus finiavana                     Uroplatus sikorae               Uroplatus giganteus

IMG 2922  Uroplatus  guentheri                      Uroplatus henkeli                       Uroplatus ebenaui

Ur allaudi M ARON  DSC07464  phelsuma mad red 12Uroplatus alluaudi                      Pogona henrylawsoni  Phelsuma madagascariensis designer morph

 Ankarami male 1 IMG 1344 - копия Furcifer pardalis Ambilobe              Furcifer pardalis Ankarami             Furcifer pardalis Masoala

   Furcifer pardalis Nose Be                       Furcifer  pardalis Tamatave                     Furcifer Ambanja

DSC04613 - копия DSC04610 - копия IMG 4878  копияFurcifer lateralis                              Furcifer lateralis                       Furcifer balteatus  

C pars ranamaf UNS SET 13 cm DSC05768 C pars soenir juv POR  20.5 cm DSC03247 DSC00278Calumma parsonii YL                        Calumma parsonii OE                     Calumma parsonii OE

IMG 1870 - копия IMG 1875 - копия IMG 1839Chamaeleo caluptratus                  Chamaeleo caluptratus    Chamaeleo caluptratus

 IMG 1813 Ch calyptr pibald  UNS 2  DSC03609Chamaeleo caluptratus Piebald            Chamaeleo caluptratus Piebald    Chamaeleo caluptratus Piebald 

 DSCN3910 Uromastyx thomasi                      Uromastyx philby               Uromastyx ornata

  Petrosaurus thalassinus                  Varanus cumingi                        Phrynosoma asio

 DSC 8537 IMG 4929Egernia stokesii                           Tiliqua scincoides intermedia                 Ctenosaura pied pectinata

    Brachypelma annitha                                       Grammostola pulchra                           Megaphobema robustum


 Brachypelma smithi 4 cmL6  1  DSC08029  DSC06428  Grammostola aureostriata                       Brachypelma smithi                           Brachypelma emilia


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